This site used to host the website for American School of Aviation (ASA), one of the largest and most successful flight schools of it’s time. The school started as a small flight training facility based out of Reid Hillview Airport (KRHV) in 2002. The owner and founder was Prince Singh, and with one leased aircraft, and a handful of students, and lots of passion, the school started its flight operations.

By 2005, the school had more students and training aircraft than the building at RHV could accommodate. This triggered the re-location to Castle Airport (KMER). ASA continued to grow consistently at Castle until 2008. This is when the airline industry came to a screeching halt, started laying off pilots, fuel prices more than doubled, and ASA’s customers (airlines) quit hiring the pre-selected graduates, and of course quit paying.

Late summer of 2008, ASA closed it’s doors to flight training industry. Former ASA graduates are airline pilots all over the world. Within its short lifespan, ASA trained and graduated world class pilots. The employers could tell the difference at the time of interviewing these graduates.

Most of these former ASA trainees are holding senior pilot positions with airlines all over the world. Now, this site is dedicated to help the future pilots – by compiling and publishing flight training related information.

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    I want to be commerical pilot so can u send me some information about ASA…??

  2. I am a CPL holder FAA,DGCA(India) with MULTI-IR. I want a pilot job .i am willing to work for free for any organisation.please assisst.