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Why should you chose aviation industry?

When the aviation industry first took off a few decades ago, it was considered one of the most prestigious and glamorous industries to work in. The pilots took pride in flying powerful machines at staggering heights of 30,000 feet while air stewards took pleasure in serving passengers. Most of these practices remain the same even today, except with the addition of bigger and better aircrafts.

The aviation industry is a fast paced one and is a lifelong dream from many. Whether you want to show off your badges as a pilot or visit new cities everyday, you can achieve everything in the aviation industry.

Dynamic and ever changing environment

While most look for a steady career with fixed work timings and steady flow of income, others aim higher, literally! Regardless of which part of the aviation industry you join, you will hardly be working a 9 to 5 shift. If a sense of adventure is what you are looking for, the aviation industry is perfect for you.

With changing work timings, visiting new places and meeting interesting people, you can be assured that your career will not be just a desk job. Interestingly, this also means that your working hours and holiday schedules are flexible. Enjoying unexpected vacations and working hard on a stretch are both part of the aviation industry, making it a worthwhile career. You will also quickly make friends with your crew members, who keep changing with every flight. If change is your motto, aviation is your life!

Attractive pay packages and perks

The aviation industry is not just glamorous on the surface; it also provides the perks. Along with impressive pay packages that increase over the years, you will also benefit from other perks like life insurance, yearly bonuses, travel pay and vacation pay. Many aviation companies offer these bonuses on certain pre-conditions like working for a fixed time or completion of the contract. If you choose the right airline, you can enjoy these perks and more.

See the world on the job

Traveling the world is a dream many have but only few accomplish it. By working in the aviation industry, you can see the world and get paid for it! Working with an airline is a great opportunity to travel to many corners of the world without spending a bomb on tickets. Some airline companies also offer exotic vacations for employees. If seeing the world is on your bucket list, consider a career in aviation and visit a new country every week.

The pure pleasure of flying

The quiet roar of the propellers, the powerful engines and the sheer magnificence of an aircraft is an overwhelming sight. The thrill of taking off on a new journey and getting people to new cities is something that cannot be achieved outside the aviation industry. Pilots have enjoyed the unbridled pleasure of handling machines worth millions and visiting different corners of the world, and so could you.

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Live Flight Tracking – for free!

Did you know that you can track just about any flight online from your computer? Live? Whether it is a commercial airline flight, or a private training flight, or a buddy flying a flight school or a flying club rental aircraft? And it is FREE!


Did you know that you could track live just about any flight, private or commercial, from your own home computer? Well, FlightAware lets you do just that. And that too for free. You can now use FlightAware to quickly and easily plan & file IFR flight for turbine and piston aircraft.

You do not need to know about probable DPs, STARs, transitions, available routings, or winds aloft. Simply type in the basics of your trip (ident / origin / destination / departure time / number on board) and FlightAware.com will present a list of optimized routings, altitudes, predicted fuel burns, and operational options. Select what suits your mission and click to file.


Founded in March of 2005, FlightAware was the first company to offer free flight tracking services for both private and commercial air traffic in the United States. FlightAware launched public operations in late 2005 and quickly became the most popular flight tracking service in the world. FlightAware’s proprietary flight arrival time algorithms combined with FlightAware’s powerful, intuitive, responsive, and reliable web-based interface yield the most capable and useful flight tracking application and service. FlightAware has offices in Houston and New York.

Always Aware

FlightAware offers live flight data, airport information, weather maps and charts, as well as aviation news to nearly two million users a month. FlightAware also powers operational management and dispatch software, airport FIDS (flight information displays), and provides reporting data to aircraft and airport operators.

Enterprise Commercial Services

Aviation businesses (aircraft and engine manufacturers, charters operators, airlines, airport operators, government) rely on FlightAware’s commercial services division for data analysis, trending, outsourcing of data processing, and finding the answer to tomorrow’s aviation optimization and reliability problems.

FlightAware joins Twitter and Facebook. Also, they have one of the best collection of aircraft photos . I always knew about the Live Flight Tracking service, but just came across this photo collection today. It is totally worth going and checking the album out as well.

FlightAware Squawk

is for sharing aviation news, stories, pictures, and videos. FlightAware members submit the links and then vote to decide which stories are important, interesting, or amusing. The list of popular squawks changes constantly. You can also include a squawk box on your blog or any web page.


FlightAware merchandise is a cool accessory for any FlightAware enthusiast, so feel free buy something if you’re interested although FlightAware isn’t profiting off any of these products, so please do not feel obligated to buy anything simply to support the most popular flight tracking service on the internet.

All merchandise and sales are handled by Spreadshirt, an independent merchant.

Discussion Forum

FlightAware discussion forum is available as well. Lots of good to know information and learn new things.